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Vic Roman's formulations from his rock carving clinic:


Ballast and scenery glue:

1 part Isopropyl Alcohol (90%)

1 part white glue

1 part Unifroth 0154 (Unichem Inc.)

2 parts water

Hydrocal mixed to peanut butter consistency

Local supplier for bulk Hydrocal:

Building Specialties

36A Green Mountain Dr. Cohoes NY 12047


Tony Steele's "Better Yard Design" clinic notes from the February Operations presentation can be found here.

Rich Smith's Train order excel spreadsheet from the February clinic on operations can be found by clicking here.

Here is the link to the inexpensive trees Jeff Martin talked about in his November clinic in Glens Falls.

The Don Weeks' interview with VP Rich Smith

Dispatching Clinic handouts:

Henry Probst/Greg Whittle: Track Warrants

Ralph Balfort: Dispatching Rules and Forms

Tom Rhodes: Fitchburg Northern examples